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How to develop an easy e-commerce website working with Drupal

The most efficient way to develop a website for e-commerce in Drupal is working with a distribution that we lighten the tasks. Consider that on a website designed for e-commerce is a series of tasks that tends to repeat itself, as the fitting of certain modules in Drupal.

There are several distributions circulating about it, but we recommend two in particular: one is Uberdrupal and the other is Drupal Commerce.

The installation of any of these two distributions is similar to installing Drupal in its standard version, the main difference is that they are already installed and configured the main modules used in Ubercart, which practically allows start loading categories and products just the system is installed.

Of course this is a figurative fact, due to the need to load and configure the entire battery of items that always charge in Drupal as the name of the website, the user profiles and permissions, institutional websites and all other customizations that one want.

We also know that many websites have to be customized in many ways so according to those needs we hand to Drupal's take, however, much of the development we simplified allowing us to save efforts and of course the budget of our clients. Do not forget that this is the whole concept of Drupal distribution.

Note that to ensure the clarity, impact and persuasion to make sales, you need to pay very close attention to what information is displayed and how. In that sense if it is entirely feasible to work with a ditribución, is in ourselves enough talent to design a complete user interface, using blocks and implementing a design 100% doomed to business objectives. In that case, beyond to work with a distribution for e-commerce, it is still advisable to perform a 100% custom design is implemented in a custom theme (Drupal Theming).

On CMS-Target we can help to guide you through the process of developing your e-commerce project in Drupal and make it a great success.

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