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What is a CMS?

A CMS (content managemente system) is a system that allows you to create a support structure that facilitates the creation and editing of content according to different user roles (administrators, editors, publishers, etc).

Generally provide an interface for users with editing and other powers to end users.

From the user interface with special powers, you can configure almost every element of the website according to the needs according to the capabilities of the CMS system. For example, Drupal, which is one of the most complete, allows almost any operation from the management platform, while others like Open Cart, are more limited.

In general, each CMS system (like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Open Cart, etc.) has a community of web developers using each system and contribute their knowledge and experience to improve.

There are well developed and standardized communities that allow components to have high quality, a programmer in isolation could never have achieved.

If any module or module configuration are adequate, it is possible to make one to measure fulfilling our requirements, but generally should use versions provided by the community CMS system, which are subject to constant improvement by various developers who contribute their expertise . In addition, this type of resources, overall cost saving.

From the visual standpoint, usually work with CSS, so that the visual interface is feasible customized according to the aesthetics desired one.

With CMS systems can be achieved online retail websites, reservation, forums, websites, video websites, intranets and any functionality that comes to mind.

CMS systems are currently the best platform for a Web site of any kind, especially now dnia where users value only sites with updated content, live and interactive, as well as search engines like Google, which is increasingly focus on such websites to establish their ranking.

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